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misc > Brady label printers for x64

Although every attempt has been made to ascertain the validity of the driver, this cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, it is recommended that you virus scan any files you have downloaded, and as such, we (the founders of hold no responsibility for any damage or loss that may occur due to the download of any drivers through Further, please check to see if a driver has already been reported as a virus on the sidebar.

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Posted by Suraj on Wednesday, October 26, 2016 at 09:13

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Works with the following printers:

Brady BBP11-24L
Brady BBP11-34L
Brady IP 300
Brady IP 600
Brady MiniMark
Brady PAM 2300
Bradyprinter 200M (203 dpi)
Bradyprinter 200M (300 dpi)
Bradyprinter 200M-e (203 dpi)
Bradyprinter 200M-e (300 dpi)
Bradyprinter 200MVP
Bradyprinter 200MVP Plus
Bradyprinter 203X
Bradyprinter 203X-Plus
Bradyprinter 260M
Bradyprinter 300MVP
Bradyprinter 300MVP Plus
Bradyprinter 300X
Bradyprinter 300X-Plus
Bradyprinter 300X-Plus II
Bradyprinter 360X
Bradyprinter 360X-Plus
Bradyprinter 360X-Plus II
Bradyprinter 4000
Bradyprinter 4000 Plus
Bradyprinter 4042
Bradyprinter 4320
Bradyprinter 4320 Plus
Bradyprinter 600X-Plus
Bradyprinter 600X-Plus II
Bradyprinter Model 1024
Bradyprinter Model 1243
Bradyprinter Model 1244
Bradyprinter Model 1344
Bradyprinter Model 2024
Bradyprinter Model 2034
Bradyprinter Model 2461
Bradyprinter Model 3481
Bradyprinter Model 6441
Bradyprinter Precision 200
Bradyprinter Precision 300
Bradyprinter Precision 600
Bradyprinter Precision Plus 200
Bradyprinter Precision Plus 300
Bradyprinter Precision Plus 600
Bradyprinter T200
Bradyprinter T300

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