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Although every attempt has been made to ascertain the validity of the driver, this cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, it is recommended that you virus scan any files you have downloaded, and as such, we (the founders of hold no responsibility for any damage or loss that may occur due to the download of any drivers through Further, please check to see if a driver has already been reported as a virus on the sidebar.

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Works with the following printers:

Argox A-100 PPLB
Argox A-150 PPLB
Argox A-200 PPLB
Argox A-200e PPLB
Argox A-2240 PPLA
Argox A-2240 PPLB
Argox A-2240 PPLZ
Argox A-2240E PPLA
Argox A-2240E PPLB
Argox A-2240E PPLZ
Argox A-300 PPLB
Argox A-3140 PPLA
Argox A-3140 PPLB
Argox A-50 PPLB
Argox F1 PPLB
Argox G-6000 PPLA
Argox OS-202DT PPLA
Argox OS-202DT PPLB
Argox OS-203DT PPLA
Argox OS-203DT PPLB
Argox OS-204DT PPLA
Argox OS-204DT PPLB
Argox OS-214 plus PPLA
Argox OS-214 plus PPLB
Argox OS-214 Zip
Argox OS-2140 PPLA
Argox OS-2140 PPLB
Argox OS-2140 PPLZ
Argox OS-2140E PPLA
Argox OS-2140E PPLB
Argox OS-2140E PPLZ
Argox OS-214TT PPLA
Argox OS-214TT PPLB
Argox OS-214v PPLA
Argox OS-214v PPLB
Argox OS-214v Zip
Argox OS-314TT PPLA
Argox OS-314TT PPLB
Argox R-200 PPLB
Argox R-200K PPLB
Argox R-400 PPLA
Argox R-400 PPLB
Argox R-400 Zip
Argox R-400K plus PPLA
Argox R-400K plus PPLB
Argox R-400K plus PPLZ
Argox R-400K PPLA
Argox R-400K PPLB
Argox R-400plus PPLA
Argox R-400plus PPLB
Argox R-400plus PPLZ
Argox R-600 PPLA
Argox R-600 PPLB
Argox X-1000+ PPLA
Argox X-1000+ PPLB
Argox X-1000v PPLA
Argox X-1000v PPLB
Argox X-2000 Zip
Argox X-2000+ PPLA
Argox X-2000+ PPLB
Argox X-2000v PPLA
Argox X-2000v PPLB
Argox X-2000v PPLZ
Argox X-3000+ PPLA
Argox X-3000+ PPLB
Argox X-3200 PPLA
Argox X-3200 PPLB

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