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graphics > nVidia display driver for Linux x64

Although every attempt has been made to ascertain the validity of the driver, this cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, it is recommended that you virus scan any files you have downloaded, and as such, we (the founders of hold no responsibility for any damage or loss that may occur due to the download of any drivers through Further, please check to see if a driver has already been reported as a virus on the sidebar.

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Posted by davebeech on Friday, August 31, 2007 at 13:00
Release Highlights

* Supports all Intel EMT-64, AMD Opteron™, AMD Athlon™64 and AMD Athlon™FX 64 processors.
* Fixed SoftImage certification issues.
* Made the "Do you really want to quit?" dialog in nvidia-settings optional (via the nvidia-settings Configuration page).
* Fixed problem that prevented multiple simultaneous X servers from running on TNT/TNT2.
* Fixed problem that caused TV-Out modes other than 640x480 and 800x600 to be unavailable.
* Fixed problem that caused cursor misplacement/corruption in certain TwinView configurations.
* Fixed problem that caused some AGP kernel module options to be ignored.
* Fixed problem in GLSL with shadow2DProj.
* Fixed console restore problems on GeForce4 Ti.

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Driver Details

  • Added by: davebeech
  • Modified On: Friday, September 7, 2007
  • Uploaded: Friday, April 28, 2017
  • # Downloads: 465
  • Size: 6.99 MB
  • Model: Unified
  • Operating System: Linux
  • Company: NVidia
  • Version: 1.0-6111
  • Language: English
  • Category: graphics
  • Reported as Virus: 0 time(s)
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  • Referer:
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